Cases Defended


Case# OSBI2015-454 – David Cody Lynch Muskogee, Oklahoma

On August 17th, 2015, Global Tactics CEO Melvin Murphy was contacted by the Office of Orvil Loge, State Prosecutor, Muskogee Oklahoma to obtain an expert opinion on a Use of Force case in which the defendant died while being place under arrest by three law enforcement officers from the following departments:

Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office

220 State Street.

Muskogee, OK 74401

Warner Police Department

P.O. Box 170

Warner, OK 74469

Porum Police Department

P.O. Box 361

Porum, OK 74455

The Global Tactics Use of Force Consultants: Mel Murphy, Sam Samaroo, Gene Nardi and Carmine Tufano dissected and generated a written use of force expert opinion outlining the facts that the officers involved were justified in their actions based upon: Case law, Constitutional Amendments, Oklahoma State Statute, departmental policy and defensive tactics techniques. The three officers were not charged with homicide. (See Ruling