Gene Nardi has more than 25 years of collective experience in corrections and law enforcement.


Beginning his career in corrections, his responsibilities included the care and custody of inmates as well as security of the facility. He became the lead trainer and member of the department’s Emergency Response Team responsible for coordinating and planning tactical team missions and developing and teaching effective response tactics during emergency situations. Crossing over to the law enforcement side of public safety in 2001, he was involved in several critical incident situations, including deadly force encounters and large-scale civil protests, demonstrating his skillful ability to perform successfully under pressure. As a result of his training and expertise, he went on to earn several high-liability law enforcement certifications including firearms, defensive tactics and officer survival. Gene is highly regarded in his field as a use of force expert and expert witness.


Gene’s training experience extends to the martial arts arena, as well. Training in various martial arts disciplines for more than 35 years, his self-defense expertise includes personal studio operations, full-contact fighting, and the development of customized training courses for individuals and groups.