Mel Murphy has been a pillar in the criminal justice profession for more than a quarter century. Jumpstarting his career in 1991, his career has spawned a reputation for excellence. His professional experience has crossed an array of roles including corrections, road patrol, strategic investigations, major narcotics, undercover operations, gang investigations, and recruitment. His niche, however, is most notably in the area of training.


Mel is a certified defensive tactics instructor, firearms instructor, CPR instructor, and FDLE fitness instructor. He is also a certified self-defense instructor and personal trainer through the American Sports Association. His certifications continue with Fitness Institute International as a certified fitness trainer, fitness testing specialist, and a strength and conditioning specialist.


Mel’s passion for serving extends beyond the badge. As former football player and fitness expert, Mel co-founded F.A.S.T. Camp, Inc. in 2006, a program focused on helping young athletes to reach unimaginable heights. Many South Florida athletes have reaped both the physical and mental rewards of his exceptional work ethic, enthusiasm, and motivation. In 2015, he embarked on a new business venture creating Global Tactics, LLC. Offering a variety of customized training opportunities, Global Tactics brings the knowledge and skills of highly trained, experienced experts directly to YOU.


One word to describe Mel – tireless.