With more than 25 years in public safety, Sam Samaroo has worked in a variety of capacities becoming a subject matter expert in a variety of areas. Beginning his career in corrections, Sam mastered the responsibilities and quickly took on a leadership role for new recruits centered on mentoring and career development. Crossing over into the law enforcement arena, Sam excelled as a deputy by fostering positive relationships with the public and developing his investigative skills. His next few roles would lead him to work in some of the profession’s most coveted positions: civil apprehension and undercover investigations including bribery, gang intelligence and narcotics.  Sam excelled as a detective, earning numerous awards and commendations, and his exceptional investigative skills led to several successful federal indictments.


Climbing through the ranks professionally, Sam was recognized for his leadership and keen ability to motivate colleagues and instruct new recruits. As a certified firearms, CPR, use of force, leadership and management, body worn camera, Taser, and scenario based-training instructor, Sam has a knack for developing relevant training curriculum and deploying effective instructional techniques designed to reach learners in a variety of ways. Both law enforcement and civilian entities have tapped into Sam’s unparalleled knowledge for assistance with policy revisions and the development of new policy and procedures.


Dedicated to giving back to the community where he lives and works, Sam’s passion for serving extends beyond law enforcement. Whether its participating in activities to feed the homeless, mentor youth, or offering entrepreneurial financial advice, Sam lives by the three “P’s” – professionalism, persistence and punctuality.